Russia was never short of zealots. This phenomena proves to be dear to modern generation as well. The idea of enlightenment, of classical musical heritage popularization has been taken as the main principle of the Essential Music activities.
This Russian recording and producing company was organized in 2003 by Michael Serebryanyi and Michael Presnyakov. The company's name goes back to the 1920th - 1930th when the cheap popular music series of the same name was published in Soviet Union. The main goal of the company is to offer to music connoisseurs (in the hope to broad their circle) classical SACD- and CD-albums of high recording and audio quality with original content performed by the recognized Russian musicians.
Essential Music presents two classical labels: international Caro Mitis (SACD-format) and home Essential Music (CD-audio format).
Essential Music plans to release not less than 12 albums per year (on Caro Mitis) as well as to organize concerts of Pratum Integrum Orchestra formed under the aegis of the Caro Mitis label. Pratum Integrum Orchestra performs Early Music on historical instruments.

Who is who in our company:

Michael Serebryanyi
Dmitry Demin

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