Who is who in our company:

Dmitry Demin independently of his own wish was born in Moscow in March 1964. His childhood and youth passed by quickly and imperceptibly. His decision to join school biology club became the turning point in the chain of his childish occupations and non-childish passions. The expeditions and journeys followed after as the consequence of that deliberate act led Dmitry to the faculty of biology of the Moscow State University.
The post-graduate study was a wonderful time but also the period of money shortage. So Dmitry had to change his profession of future scientist for something more utilitarian and pecuniary.
D. Demin spent a decade in a reputable agro-chemical company where he was involved into the creation of information & analytical corporate service, he headed the process of constructing and restoration of the old buildings in Moscow City Center, he was responsible for the opening of his company's foreign branch. And it is just a small part of his achievements within those years. However, his passion for biology has never left him and succulents cultivation stayed a remnant of those good old years.
In 2004 his life radically changed again. His present occupation is a popularization of classical music recordings of the exceptionally high quality.

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