Who is who in our company:

Michael Serebryanyi - a scientist, a musician, a system analyst and - as fate has willed - a manager of a computer company was born in Moscow in 1962. In late 1970s he came to a decision which formed his future life: he preferred biology to a carrier of a pianist. In 1979 he entered the faculty of geography of the Moscow State University. After 1984 after graduation from the University (he defended his degree work on the department of biogeography) M. Serebryanyi worked in the Moscow Main Botanical Garden Russian Academy of Sciences in the department of tropical and subtropical plants. Michael took part in numerous expeditions in Russia and abroad. He specialized in plant taxonomy and in geobotany being the author of many scientific publications. Michael described more than 10 species of Arum-family (Araceae) new to science. In 1990 he defended the degree of Candidate of biology (Ph.D.).
In the beginning of 1990s his interests in programming and information systems development transformed into the main occupation. As a result he became one of the founders and the general director of DataX/FLORIN. From that time his further carrier turned out to be connected with this company.

Passion for music has always been one of the priorities in M. Serebryanyi's life. So his decision to start producing high-quality records of classical music was not a surprise for his nearest and dearest friends.

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