Essential Music presents two classical labels: international Caro Mitis (SACD-format) and home Essential Music (CD-audio format).


International classical label Caro Mitis (to be translated from Latin as "succulent fruit") is produced in SACD-format compatible with a conventional CD (hybrid discs have two layers - SACD and CD-audio). It is set aside to be distributed in Europe, Asia, USA and Canada, as well as in Russia through main trading networks.
SACD-format provides unsurpassed recording and audio quality, triple protection from pirate copying.
Caro Mitis design created by Kosta Gusalov - one of the leading Russian graphic artists - is based on using of national historical engravings. The text of the multipaged booklet is translated into main European languages (English, Russian and of the country the composer is from).
The recording is produced together with Polyhymnia B.V. - a recognized world leader in the field of SACD-format, a constant partner of Harmonia Mundi, Pentatone and others.

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The release of this home label is planned for the Russian consumers solely, who from now on will be able to set a home collection of classical high quality recordings purchased for reasonable "anti-pirate" prices.
The name of the label as well as of the whole company goes back to the 1920th- 1930th when the cheap popular music series of the same name was published in Soviet Union. The design of the label has also something in common with this series. A multipaged booklet is going to be published in Russian only.

Essential Music label is supposed to be released in original series and to form separate print-runs.

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