Polyhymnia International - the leading recording company specializes in recording and post-production for Super Audio CD and DVD-Audio, both in stereo and multi-channel surround. Many of its' recordings are used as demonstration and/or reference material for these formats. The main customers of Polyhymnia are Philips Classics, Telarc, PentaTone.

Classical Music Archive Foundation is the non-commercial and non-governmental organization intended to promote producing, restoring, remastering, storing and distributing of the high quality classical recordings with the participation of the most talented Russian musicians. The foundation was established by the Vladimir Spivakov International Foundation, the Vladimir Krainev International Charity Foundation and Essential Music company.
Royal Philips Electronics of The Netherlands is one of the world's biggest electronics companies and Europe's largest. It is a global leader in electronics' production. Philips in consortium with SONY have been developed SACD-format

A.J. van den Hul B.V. based in The Netherlands is a company that since its founding in 1980 has made it its objective to improve the qualitative aspects of phono transduction and musical signal transfer in the most broad sense. The products are distributed in 60 countries.

SACD.RU is an independent site created by russian enthusiast in order to promote and popularize SACD-format - the most technically advanced digital sound. The site contains detailed information about SACD-format advantages in recording and playing back as well as latest news about new SACD-albums and equipment available in Russia.

SONY is one of the leading manufacturer in the areas of communications and computer peripherals as well as electronic audio equipment for digital sound playback. SONY in consortium with Philips have been developed SACD-format.

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