July-August 2006
Ein Gesamtkunstwerk – Die 22. TAGE ALTER MUSIK Regensburg 2006
Robert Strobl, ęóšķąė "Toccata-Alte Musik aktuell", Ćåšģąķč˙
Pratum Integrum have participeted the famous Tage Alter Music Fesitival in Regensburg
Part of review (in German)

January 2006
Der böhmische Meuterer
Robert Strobl, "Toccata-Alte Musik aktuell", Germany
Review of the disc "A. Rosetti. Bohemian Mutineer".
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December 2005
B&W 802D loudspeaker
Kalman Rubinson, Stereophile
Our "Dmitry Bortnyansky. The Italian Album" is used to test the new B&W loudspeakers.
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November-December 2005
Robert Strobl, "Toccata-Alte Musik aktuell", Germany
The review of the "The Great Transcriptions. Harpsichord Gems, volume 2 / Olga Martynova".
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November 2005
Music in the Round
Kalman Rubinson, Stereophile
Our "Oboenspitze, Vol.1" is used to test the new High-end power amplifier.
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July-August 2005
"Russen II "
Robert Strobl, "Toccata-Alte Musik aktuell", Germany
"Harpsichord Gems, volume 1 J.C.Bach. Selected Clavier Sonatas Olga Martynova " is rated as "CD des Monats" (CD of the Month).
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June 2005
Originalklange aus dem Osten
Diether Steppuhn, neue musikzeitung
Review of 5 our SACDs.
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May 2005
"Die Russen sind da"
Robert Strobl, "Toccata-Alte Musik aktuell", Germany
"Telemann in Minor" is rated as "CD des Monats" (CD of the Month).
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"Classics Today" published review on "Dmitry Bortnyansky. The Russian Album"
We've got 8/9 (artistic/sound quality) of 10/10 possible!
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Reviews of our SACDs on the "Audiophile Audition" site
J.S.Bach OBOENWERKE, volume 1
J.S.Bach OBOENWERKE, volume 2
J.S.Bach OBOENWERKE, volume 3
Dmitry Bortnaynsky. The Italian Album
Dmitry Bortnaynsky. The Russian Album - the new one!
Anton Ferdinand Tietz. INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC
Harpsichord Gems, volume 2 The Great Transcriptions

Pratum Integrum has closed the season
Sergei Khodnev, "Kommersant"
While performing Georg Muffat, splendidly sounding orchestra has perfectly created the etalon proportions of the Suite in French style. And Brandenburg Concerto has once more demonstrated that there are no common places and routine when these musicians are playing popular hits.

The Polyhymnia Russian Connection
...The latest news is that Polyhymnia has been asked to participate in all the recordings for a new Russian record company, Essential Music. Essential Music releases its disks in DSD Stereo and Surround on hybrid SA-CD, under the label name Caro Mitis.
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Reviews of our SACDs on the "Musik an sich" site
J.S.Bach OBOENWERKE, volume 1 (
in German)
in German)
Anton Ferdinand Tietz. INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC (in German)

October 2004
The breif review of Caro Mitis on the POSITIVE FEEDBACK ONLINE site
by Stephen Best
"Great music. Great performance. Great sound. Pick any two. Or so goes the old (or not so old) adage. This will be the first of a series of profiles on SA-CD producing labels humbly suggesting that it's possible to have it all!"
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Trevor Pinnock: Music should not be a kind of something dusty…
Ilya Kukharenko, "Izvestia"

A famous Englishman Trevor Pinnock played in a recital in Rachmaninov's Hall of the Moscow State Conservatory. Pinnock, a leading exponent of Early Music performing on historical instruments, accepted the offer to conduct a Russian team - Pratum Integrum Orchestra.
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Prophets Are Being Delivered to the Motherland
Pyotr Pospelov, "Vedomosti", ¹102 (1142)

…The young Moscow Pratum Integrum Orchestra impetuously turns out a leader in the field of Early Music authentic performance. The musicians finished their 2003/2004 season by the joint recital performed together with Trevor Pinnock , the celebrated British conductor and harpsichordist, a Baroque specialist of international distinction…

"Great Baroque Concert"
Mishael Fikhtengoltz, "Afisha" site
If you have to explain to a man unfamiliar with a term "authentic music" what it means, you'd better get him acquainted with Mr. Trevor Pinnock…
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June 2004
Juicy Fruits from "Essential Music"
Serge Klobukov, "Stereo & Video" magazine

...We are not going to discuss musical merits of the works or the musicians' skills. The quality of the recording, its' closeness to the natural sound are the main topic of our review…

Discography : Maxim Berezovsky's Secular Music
Natalia Solovieva, Russia Musical Newspaper ¹ 44, 2004
…The manuscripts by Maxim Berezovsky, one of the first Russian professional composers, kept abroad in private and state archives have been performed and recorded at last. Thus, new unknown pages of Berezovsky's creative work were discovered thanks to the initiative of Pratum Integrum Orchestra and, particularly of its' artistic director Pavel Serbin…

The Sovereign of the Air
Viktor Kanavin, "Itogi" ¹14 2004
Alexei Utkin: "Yes, the first classical SACD- album was recorded by Hermitage Chamber Orchestra and me on "CARO MITIS" label. I'm satisfied how the orchestra sounds on the disk…"
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Classical Recitals of the Week
Kommersant "Weekend" ¹64 (2903)

…April 15 in MIPAC Chamber Hall one more A.F. Tietz recital will be performed…

Harmony of "Sturm und Drung"

Irina Muravieva, "Russia" ¹685

The Fifth International Festival of chamber music was carried out by Alexander Rudin in State Tretyakov Gallery. This festival has already become one of the most curious and fascinating in Moscow concert life…
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Caro Mitis presents...
Legioner Weekly ¹6 (167) 26/III 2004

...Caro Mitis is the first Russian SACD-label, meeting the highest European professional standards...

Classical Recitals of the Week
Kommersant "Weekend" ¹54(2893)

… March 27 within the bounds of the same festival another A.F. Tietz chamber music will be performed by Moscow Pratum Integrum Orchestra (Artistic Director Pavel Serbin, cello), an ambitious, promising team of young musicians. Their approach to the programme (music by the Russian composer Tietz and Italian-French Boccherini to be compared) makes a forthcoming concert a peculiar and even a dramatic one…

Pavel Serbin: "The Struggle for the Opera Was the Struggle for the State Contract"
Ekaterina Biryukova,
Two new Pratum Integrun albums burnt just now are above the vanguard. First of all they were recorded in a very new format for Russia - SACD. And they contain the works of the first Russian professional composers - Maxim Berezovsky and Dmitry Bortnyansky…
Full text is available in Russian

Three centuries in One Week
Pyotr Pospelov, "Vedomosti"

…Let's speak about Pratum Integrum Orchestra first of all. Young musicians, Early music enthusiasts have gathered together in a team promoted by patrons of art who had studied music and who haven't stopped loving it. Now Pratum Integrum ("unmown medow" in Latin) has a permanent staff of a dozen players and a financial support by Essential Music company…
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"Dmitry Bortnyansky. The Italian Album". Pratum Integrum (Caro Mitis)
Kommersant Weekend ¹ 44
Dmity Bortnyansky (1751 ? 1825) wrote a lot of magnificent ecclesiastic works… But before he was appointed the Director of the Court Capella, Bortnyansky had spent 10 years in Italy adopting the style of the best European composers...

January 2004
The New Orchestra
"Filarmonik" ¹ 4/2003

The new Early Music orchestra was set up this year in Moscow. The new group unites Russia's best performers of Early music who play on authentic historical instruments…

A New Symphony from the Eighteenth Century
Eugeniya Krivitzkaya, "Kultura" ¹35 2003

Within the festival "Sheremetev's Seasons" unknown works by Maxim Berezovsky were presented in the recital in Ostankino memorial estate. This composer of the 18th century is noted due to his magnificent ecclesiastical music…
Full text is available in Russian

We and the Culture
Tatiana Lomidze, "NewsInfo.ru" site

The life of Berezovsky was as interesting and thrilling as his creative work. He died in his early thirties but he had time to feel joy of triumph and to suffer bitterness of a loss…
Full text is available in Russian

To Perform Everything
Sergei Khachaturov, "grammy.ru" site

This memorable event happened … in the ancient theater of Ostankino memorial estate belonged to Count Nikolai Sheremetev… Berezovsky's secular heritage is rather small and the recital lasted less than two hours...
Full text is available in Russian

The Student From Bologna
Ekaterina Biryukova, "Izvestia"

The First Russian Symphony was played in Ostankino.
Within the bounds of the " Sheremetiev's Seasons in Ostankino" festival Moscow Pratum Integrum Orchestra (Artistic Director Pavel Serbin) performed the works by Maxim Berezovsky, one of the first professional Russian composers…
Full text is available in Russian

The music by the forgotten composer was played in Ostankino
TV-channel "Kultura"

The name of Maxim Berezovsky, a brilliant Russian composer of the XVIII century, was known abroad mush better than in his Motherland...
Full text is available in Russian

Secular Works by Maxim Berezovsky (1745 - 1777)
Ekaterina Biryukova, "Afisha.ru" site

During the annual festival "Sheremetiev's Seasons in Ostankino" the ensemble of young talented authentists - Pratum Integrum Orchestra - gave the concert of secular works by Maxim Berezovsky, one of the first Russian professional composers.
Pratum Integrum came to popularity be performing refined masterly music and rapidly gained a reputation for the repertoire…
Full text is available in Russian

Oboe sounds on the first Russian SACD
Alexei Zubov, www.oboe.ru site

According to www.sacd.ru the Russian Essential Music company has announced that the recording of the first Russian SACD-album (Caro Mitis label) was finished. This album comprises J.S.Bach oboe works performed by Alexei Utkin and Hermitage Chamber Orchestra. ...
Full text is available in Russian

"Maxim Berezovsky's Secular Works".
"Afisha.ru" site

The conductor Teodor Currentzis and Pratum Integrum Orchestra on historical instruments are to perform on August 16 the works by one of the famous professional Russian composer…
Full text is available in Russian

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